Selling unlocked iPhone. How to restore it for the next guy.

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by ImNoSuperMan, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I have sold my unlocked 2G iphone with 2.2.0 software. Now I have no idea what should I do before I hand it over. I'd like to delete all my contacts, SMS, app data etc so that he can use it. Do i simply restore the iPhone using iTunes? Or that will break the unlock/jailbreak? I don't even know how it was unlocked(I paid someone 10$ to do the dirty work for me).

    I need to ship it off to it's buyer asap. What should I do? I'll be getting the new iPhone once it's available here and would like to c/f all my apps data to that phone. Will simply syncing this iphone with a different computer with a different itunes a/c do it. My guess is that all apps, music, contacts, SMS etc will be deleted in that case which is exactly what I want without risking bricking my phone. Or is there a better, easier way to do what I want? Someone please advice me what should I do. Thanx in advance.
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    Well first off, when you restore, you clearly wipe off EVERYTHING on the iPod, no contacts, SMS, e-mails.....anything.

    This is a two way road though. You also delete the jailbroken portion of the iPhone as well.

    It's very easy to jailbreak. If you have a Mac, follow these very precise set of instructions.

    Then, when you are done jailbreaking, and when you have it plugged into iTunes, it will give you two options: Setting the iPhone up as new, or sync it with what you have(your backed up files). Just don't do either of them, and you're set. Oh yeah, and take out your SIM card too.

    If anyone else has a simpler way, please share.
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    Settings > General > Reset. Select Erase all content and Settings. It takes about an hour to finish.

    Another approach would be to set a passcode and the option to wipe the device if the wrong code is entered 10 times in a row.

    There are discussions that say a clever person can revive personal information after you do that, but I bet there isn't really much practical need to worry about that. Of course, that is up to you.
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    Thanx a lot to both of u for the help. I'll try the reset method first. If that doesn't work then I'll restore n jailbreak. BTW there is nothing on the iPhone which will cause a problem if someone else retrieves it, I m doing it only to give the guy a fresh start. Thanx again. I appreciate it.
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    Louisiana, USA

    I'm planning on selling my iPhone 3G in a few days to a man who wants to unlock it and sent to his sister in the Middle East. I have it backed up with contacts, calendar, etc. on my Mac. It's version 2.2.1. I even have my time machined. Can anyone please tell me how to specifically erase all of my content from it and get it ready for the guy?

    I'd greatly appreciate any help. Thanks

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