semi-complicated question about Apple Store, gift cards, etc


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Nov 14, 2014
My girlfriend bought something from the Apple Store online. She's going to return it to the local retail store and get a credit back either on her card or an Apple Gift card. While we're there we're going to buy something else in person.

So, here's the question:

We have a bunch of VISA gift cards from various retailers. Can we simply load up one of our AppleID's at home with Apple Gift money using these cards, and then use our AppleID to contribute to the purchase at the store? Or will it be easier for the Apple person to just swipe one card after another? A lot of merchants either can't do that or actively prevent that, for reasons ranging from holding up the hourly help to adding to much complexity to sales/possible returns.

I always pay cash for this stuff, in person, so this is new ground for me. I appreciate any advice you folks have.