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Mar 7, 2009
Slovenia, EU
It's been almost two years, since I bought my iPhone 4 in 2010. I've always used it only with a leather pouch, no screen protectors, bumpers or cases. With accessories you rarely see any reviews, how they do in the long run, so I decided to take some photos and post them here.

The item in question is Sena Arygle -

This is how it is supposed to look out of the box.

And this is after two years of extensive usage. Always in my jeans pocket, removing the phone at least 20 times per day..

The sides are perfect. No fraying, maybe the white stitches are a little less white, but nothing special.

Same story at the bottom.

There is some minor dust buildup on the inside between the stitches, that you cannot wipe with a damp cloth.

Some minor fraying at the top backside. It's where you pull the strap.

Same thing on the inside.

And at the very top.

Edges of the strap are a little worn.

This is actually the major issue. When empty, the strap doesn't retract back inside the pouch. Also the pulling out isn't as smooth and sometimes it feels like it would snap (rendering the pouch useless). Still after two years, 20-30 times per day pulling out the phone... it's not so bad.

The part, which pulls out the phone, has somewhat damaged (polished?) the rear glass in one part. It has a different touch to it and when you clean the phone with a damp cloth, you can clearly see the difference (the water stays behind).

I cannot even imagine, what this would do to the new iPhone 5 aluminum back :p.

All in all I am very satisfied with my purchase. It has served me well. Sena's reputation for quality products is (at least in this case) quite well deserved.

The biggest problem is the pull-out strap and the fact that this model won't be made for the new iPhone 5.


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Nov 23, 2011
You might as well just put "I work for Sena" on your review, haha.

But in all honesty, Sena cases ARE fantastic, UNTIL NOW. This year, they decided to change the UltraSlim and go with a big old hole in the bottom of it. They call it a charging port, I call it a dust entry. The SOLE reason I have kept my phone in a Sena UltraSlim case since iPhone 3G is to protect the ports on the bottom of the phone from dust and lint inside my pocket. They go making a hole in the bottom now. . . seriously?


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Jul 6, 2012
Michigan USA
I love Sena cases. I had one for my Blackberry Bold and I have a silver ultraslim for my iPad that fits over the apple cover. I don't know why they are now making the charging hole. For my ipad, I just put the ipad in with the charging hole side up. At any rate, my cases have also held up really well. The pebbled leather is really nice and looks very elegant.

As for the question as to why to get a case, I carried my 4s naked and it fell out of purse as I was getting out of my car and got nicked on the concrete. I then bought a casemate silver gliterry barely there case which I loved and which matched nicely with my Sena ipad case. i dropped the phone a few more times and there was no additional damage to the phone.


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Mar 7, 2009
Slovenia, EU
You might as well just put "I work for Sena" on your review, haha. But in all honesty, Sena cases ARE fantastic
Well... I was also quite surprised, how well this thing is holding after 2 years and therfor decided to put some pictures here. I had a Proporta leather pouch for my Nokia E71 before, which is a whole different story (bad leather, stitches tearing all over).

Which is why I've never understood why people use cases.
Pointless discussion, right?

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