Sena iPad 3 Leather Case - UK?


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Feb 11, 2008
I have the original iPad and purchased a Sena Ultraslim Case from a company in the UK, I think they were in Brighton, East Sussex - I cannot find the company now though.

I have ordered the 'New iPad' Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could the same style case from in the UK, the official site is in the US and customs may charge too much, I would like this asap as I will be going on holiday on Monday and hopefully get the iPad on Friday

Any suggestions welcome?


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Mar 2, 2011
Did you find this in the end?

I bought the Tecknet one but it didn't work the sleep function. So I'm looking for a slim case too.


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Jun 14, 2011
The reviews on the John Lewis site suggest the Targus cases may not be specifically for the new iPad despite what the product description says :rolleyes:.

I'm stuck using an old iPad 2 smart cover, that I've now discovered is probably a fake and so is no longer 'smart' as such! Hopefully, we'll get some decent cases for the new iPad in the UK soon. I fancy a nice leather case this time.