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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by ArtOfWarfare, Jul 31, 2015.

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    I would like to send and receive iMessages from a cross platform program. What would be the best way of doing this? The options that I can think of are:

    1 - If Apple has an official API or SDK for this, that would be fantastic and obviously the best choice... but I'm not aware of anything like that.
    2 - If there's an unofficial API or SDK where someone else has reverse engineered iMessages, that would be the next best choice. Again, I'm unaware of anything like that.
    3 - I could attempt to reverse engineer iMessages myself, probably by sniffing packets.
    4 - I could rely on the user having a Mac with iMessages installed + a server application which can automate the UI to send and receive iMessages based on what client applications tell the server application to do.

    #4 would require a lot of effort from me. It would also require users to set up multiple things. Plus it would require that they have a Mac that's always on. It'd also be annoying, perhaps, having iMessages just pop up and run on your computer. If anyone has suggestions for technology I should look at for doing this, please tell. I'm thinking perhaps of writing something ontop of autopy (Python toolkit) for automating programs with GUIs in general, and then using that to do the automation of iMessages.

    #3 would be even harder (perhaps impossible?) but if I could do it, it would have the advantage of me being able to port the code everywhere so it can run everywhere, with no requirement that the user have anything else set up but my app on whichever device they want to send and receive iMessages from.

    Oh, there's also option #5, which is I set up Mac server(s) which constantly logs into different iMessage accounts on behalf of my users and send and receive iMessages for them.

    #5 would be as difficult as #4 (because it's the same thing), plus incur operating costs for me. The advantages are that they don't need to set up a Mac server themselves, and that they don't have iMessages constantly popping up on their own machine.

    I could do a mix of #3 and #5... offer a free installation on your own Mac, or have recurring fee for me to set up and run a Mac for you.

    Somehow someone made iMessages work on Android:


    (Oh, for people wondering why I would bother, the idea is this would build up to be a all-in-one messaging application which you can use on any platform. A single application would transparently manage sending and receiving email with a variety of protocols, SMS, iMessages, AIM, Skype, etc.)
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    There are no APIs or code available, so reverse engineering would be your only goal. I believe xnyphs, the lead developer of Adium(.im) has looked into it, and that he was behind this, which may help get you going, or you could just contact him through the Adium website.

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