Sending a video directly to dropbox?

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by cameronjpu, Jan 20, 2015.

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    I ran into a problem today that I can't even believe is a real problem in this day and age. How to send a video from my iPhone directly to my own dropbox? Easy ways to get large videos off the iPhone are in short supply, but this seemed like a perfect one. I don't want to upload ALL my pics/vids, which I do know that Dropbox/Carousel will do for you. I want to be able to pick one video and have it upload to dropbox, so I can remove it from my iPhone.

    I would have thought the new share button extensibility would have done it, and there are web links that even suggest you can do it. From what I can tell, when Apple launched iOS 8, you could click share and add Dropbox to the share options, so that it would go directly there. However if that's still possible, I can't see how to enable it.

    The dropbox app itself allows you to send an individual picture up, but it does not show any videos when you click to select for upload, only pics.

    So can anyone tell me if I'm missing something, and how to enable sending a single video directly to dropbox? Thanks!

    Edit: Figured it out! You go into Dropbox, then hit the ... icon in the upper right, then add files, then photos, then camera roll/all photos and find the video there.
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    Press the three dots at the top right of the screen when inside the app, choose add files and then select photos from the list that appears and choose the video you wish to add.

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