Sending PII info over email from iPhone?

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by iphonefreak450, Aug 13, 2017.

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    Dec 14, 2014
    I have some sensitive PII data (Personally Identifiable Information) that I need to send over to my new employer through email and all I have is my iPhone. Is there any way that I can send these files over by encrypting them on my iPhone?

    I also need to do this for the employer's third-party screening company.

    These are mostly PDF files in which I want to send as an attachment. And a photo of my ID as well.

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    I used SendSafely once to encrypt and send some financial documents to a financial advisor. SendSafely itself worked great, the only glitch was the recipient company's firewall wouldn't allow the attachment through. I ended up not sending the info.
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    I've been on the receiving end, where depending on how encrypted, can be next to impossible to decrypt (eg. employers' standard desktops can't handle).

    If sending separate e-mail with key, might be doable, but if destination is compromised in some way, still might not be as secure as one wishes re: sending encrypted file.

    Per OP's other thread re: zip apps for iOS and encryption, a cloud service might be an ok middle ground. Most (all?) of the major players have encrypted storage, so, secure at rest. Can put your files up there, share the link to the file(s) with parties that need the info. Then delete off the cloud. If I recall correctly, Dropbox and Google can tell you how many times the file was accessed: once the count hits the number of people sharing with, delete. Or rename, in case still need to share with the parties (send new link).

    ADD: once the files are at the destination, no guarantee info is safe, so, might be over thinking this all. Not that that's wrong, totally correct thing to worry about, just saying.

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