Sending SMS via my Mac?


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Mar 14, 2009
I'm looking for some Mac software that will allow me to connect to my iphone and send/receive SMS from my Mac. BluephoneElite comes very close to what I want but only supports calls, not SMS, unfortunately.

Anyone know of any applications that do what I'm after?


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Feb 18, 2007
Have tried this method posted by OldSkoolNJ?

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This will also work from your computer but also good for iPhone

MMS Email Addresses

For those of you wanting to send MMS...
You will need to enter the 10 digit number @*?. Use like this

US Based Carriers: 

Alltel =
Amp'd Mobile =
AT&T =
Boost Mobile =
Centennial Wireless = (added by kcirrab-this is accurate for i have centennial) 

Cingular (AT&T) =
Einstein PCS =
Nextel =
Sprint = or
T-Mobile =
US Cellular =
Verizon Wireless =
Virgin Mobile =

Or you can simply send a message to and they will automatically detect the carrier. Teleflip is free to use. For more information:


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Mar 14, 2009
Thanks. I haven't tried that but it's a little different to what I'm after. Will look into it more though.

The reason I want something is that I work in an open floor office space and while it's using your phone isn't prohibited, I would rather be a little more discreet when I'm messaging people. So I'm really after a application based solution that allows me to display and control my phones interface on my laptop. Doesn't have to be via bluetooth, USB connection is fine too.


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Nov 24, 2009
Looking for software for sending SMS via macbook

I need this too, for setting up a mobile phone news service for ejidatarios in Mexico. Any techs can help me? This will be a social service.
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