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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wmmk, Feb 23, 2007.

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    Hey everyone!
    I've now converted my mom to mac and convinced my grandma to buy a macbook. Although she's getting older, she's still incredibly active with the League of Women Voters, local libraries, and the local botanical gardens.
    Today, she finally caved in and bought the laptop. I'm so happy! She's a very fast learner, and already knows how to open safari and get to websites, google stuff, or even bookmark pages. I was wondering if anyone could recommend good books or sites to help people who've barely ever used computers learn OS X.
    Thanks much,
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    The MR Forum?...

    I think the best way to learn something is to just do it. Which is quite easy for any OSX user. Joining any forum will help a lot with understanding computer stuff, I know I wouldn't know half as much without my forums. You can always ask a question and nice people will respond, It's awesome.
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    mac and seniors

    have a look at Mac Efficiency im not really really old but I found it helpfull and easy to use.
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    Sign them up for a free trial to .Mac and have them use these training movies.
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    If she is near to an Apple Store, she can head there for the classes they offer. Those are _very_ good for anyone to learn, but also she can ask questions, etc.
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    Well i haven't read it, but i'd assume it should have pretty thorough, yet useful instructions: Mac OSX Tiger For Dummies. My mom had one for way back in OS 7.5 (GASP) but she liked it a lot... I'd suggest also just poking around Amazon, there should be a lot of books out, that's just the one i knew ;)
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    Help for new users

    The first thing to do for your mom is set up a bookmark for her to go to Apple Find Out How. They have so many helpful videos for new users. is also helpful.

    Going to YouTube and searching on Mac tutorials is also great.

    I volunteer at a senior center to help new and somewhat experienced Mac users to get happy or happier with their Macs.

    If she lives near an Apple store or a Best Buy, I think they both offer free classes.
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    This thread is 6 years old. Good chance that op's grandma is dead.

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