sensors for HRM only?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by 8CoreWhore, Sep 9, 2014.

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    Video shows 4 sensors.. 2 of them are "pulsing" and Apple says it is for heart rate. Just those 2 or all 4? If only 2, what are the other 2 for? If all 4, why 4? If 2, why not tell us about the other 2? Etc, etc, etc.. where are all the other sensors? If for HRM only, this is a let down. Man, and $350? I'd like to have it, but no way would I pay that much. I've been looking at Suunto for a long time, but don't want to pay that price... I gotta wonder if Apple will really sell as many as they would like...
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    The other two are for the wireless charger thingy but I suspect it would work without them and it's mainly aesthetics
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    The other 2 are photosensitive diodes that work in unison with the green lights to detect your heart rate.
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    Keep in mind apple products are always very expensive... $350 is not that expensive for a new gadget with the apple logo on it, and they definitely market themselves to a demographic that is willing to burn a few hundred here and there.

    I actually tend to agree with your general feeling, which seems to be "not sure this is worth the money." In my case, I coughed up anyway and if it doesn't work out I can sell it I assume. But I would say if you aren't pretty sure you will use it a lot, might be worth waiting for gen 2 at least.

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