Sent this e-mail to Mr. Jobs

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Feb 19, 2005
Here would be my response to your e-mail.
Hey guys,

Dear Mr. Jobs,

Let me first start off by saying that I am a devoted Apple fan
Me too, I really like the crunchy red ones.

and you have a company that is more than just an empire, it is a MOVEMENT.
No son, it's a company. A movement is far greater than this.

My first Apple product was a iPod Mini which was switched to a iPod nano after my internal battery died and the Mini went extinct.
Thanks for the cash son.

I then became the proud owner of the original 8gig iPhone but have still yet switched over from PC.
You and numerous others.
I had even purchased my girlfriend a Macbook before I even owned on.
Is she hot?
I had heard about the Macbook Air's release and I knew that if there was any time to switch, it would be then.
I work in film and I needed a laptop that was light and powerful. I think many companies drop the ball when they coin the term 'laptop'. A laptop is supposed to be portable, light, and great on battery consumption; a computer away from your computer. I think the Macbook Air is the epitome of what every laptop should be like in its most standard of forms.
Kissing my ass isn't going to get you a reply nearly as long as your e-mail to me has been. :rolleyes:

I justified overpaying for a underpowered machine.
How exactly did you justify "overpaying" for an underpowered machine? I need to justify overpaying for an under-performing hooker ASAP.

But I cannot help wonder why it is plagued with core shutdowns.
That's the way the cookie crumbles son.
I had to resort to paying $10 to undervolt my computer to keep it from happening. My $1,800 laptop was fixed by an independent developer for $10. I wonder why Apple had not thought of this in the first place.
Because we don't know who the independent "developer" is and if he charges $10.00 we'd charge $100.00, inflation son.

I was excited to hear about the update for the Macbook Air and immediately uninstalled my Coolbook controller. However, the core shutdowns began happening again therefore forcing me to reinstall Coolbook.
Our last update didn't include a Coolbook installation. You should have kept it installed.

I know which type of computer I purchased. I am not trying to render HD footage here. I purchased this for basic word processing and watching movie but I cannot even do that at times without Coolbook.
No you didn't. You just said you thought the MB Air should be powerful, etc etc. Just go back and read the first part of your novel.

I am hoping that when a revision is available, that I will be able to trade in my Macbook AIr for the new one if it is still under warranty because to me, I look at my Macbook as defected.
I don't. Good luck with the trade. I have a refurb here with your name on it.

I do love it for what it is but it saddens me when I think of it what it could be. Please fix this amazing piece of engineering and make us see why it was worth spending the extra money.
Because it has that Apple logo on it. All other issues should be ignored.
With respect,

Ercan Bas
Send pics of the girlfriend with her MacBook.


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Feb 9, 2005
The good side of the grass.
^^ What Jessica. said plus the advice of trading up iphone and all products to newer models so Apple Inc. makes more money. Focus is phones, music players, tv, media sales and everything electronic minus computers so take it or leave it.

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