Separate Apple IDs - Issues with profile picture missing on macOS and Apple TV


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Sep 29, 2014
I first noticed this when the multiple profiles feature came out on tvOS 13. I have a separate Apple ID for media & purchases, and one for iCloud thanks to the MobileMe days. The user shows up on my Apple TV, but no profile picture, just the initials. The user shows appropriately in the Home app with a profile picture, but because the account uses a separate Apple ID for purchases on the Apple TV, there is no profile picture, just the initials.

This goes for my Mac too - I notice the same thing in the Mac App Store. Just the initials. Now, if I log in to iCloud only (for both the account and purchases) on the Apple TV or the Mac, the profile picture shows up correctly. But then I don't have access to my purchases.

There IS a profile picture on for my purchases only Apple ID. This is the most infuriating bug and I wish Apple would just let us merge the accounts. Is this happening to anyone else? I've seen a few threads on Reddit about this and I have submitted the bug report to Apple, but I fear that us folks with two Apple IDs are going to have to live with this bug.


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May 29, 2018
I have 3 profiles installed and my apple TV keeps on randomly switching around these.
anyone else having the same issue or an idea how to fix it?