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    Hey everyone,

    My current email address is pretty much becoming unstable do the amount of spam I receive so I am thinking of chucking the email away and using iCloud more.

    I have noticed it is possible to create Alias to separate your email addresses so one thing I would like to do is create an alias exclusively for online shops so that I do not receive sales emails at my main email. However, from what I can see, when I create an alias and send an email to the created alias, it just ends up in the iCloud inbox anyway, where it would end up had it been sent to my main email. Is there anyway to create separate inboxes for the different aliases or is the only solution likely to be something like setting rules so if email is sent to the shopping email it is redirected in to a folder specifically for shopping?


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    There is no way to have a separate inbox, but if you login to and go to mail then click the gear at the top right... then click rules. Make a rule like in my screen shot to auto route all mail to your alias to whatever folder you want.

    This is better than a rule in the Mail client on OS X since it will work on the server and therefore move the messages on any device like an iPhone.


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