Separate Installation Question for Logic Pro


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Mar 30, 2018
I would like to keep Logic Pro 9 for my old projects as I'm paranoid that something might change when I open it in LPX and wont be able to rectify it once I've got rid of LP9.
I would also like to update my OS past Sierra but not to Catalina.

On Logic Pro forum somebody had already asked the question and they got this response:
''The only solution is to revert back or to keep a separate installation on a drive/USB-stick/Virtual environment.''

I did ask on the forum but have not had a sensible response after a few days

When they say separate installation, are they talking about LP9 or Sierra?
If it's LP9, how do I do this and if it's Sierra, then I guess I just need to make a bootable drive on a USB?

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