Separating dialogue and music from movie trailers or blu-ray

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by patent10021, Dec 27, 2014.

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    I'm working on a demo reel for a portfolio and want to score to movie trailers. Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to separate dialogue from music right?

    I know in Logic if you import a video file you can just remove the audio track but I need the dialogue.

    Am I better off ripping the original blu-ray? Will I be able to have separate audio/vob?

    Usually, on a 5-channel mix, music/sfx are put on the 4 "surround" channels, with almost all the dialogue going on the center channel. Assuming this is the case with the scenes in question, it's a matter of extracting the audio and replacing the correct channels??

    What about 5ch mp4 or mkv files? Only blu-ray would work?

    Or finding foreign language dubs of the film that only change the voices?

    Maybe these are the 2 solutions.

    Of course, if you have a 5.1 mix and the dialog is in the center channel, you can replace the entire center channel. Or, if the talking is on the left and the sound effects are on the right, it's easy to edit one or the other. If you have a 2-channel stereo file, there are some "tricks" you can do with the "phantom center channel". If you have a mono file, there is nothing you can do.

    Or, if the dialog and music or background sounds are not happening at the same time, of course you an edit the dialog. For example if the actors are talking and then there's an explosion, you can change the talking without touching the explosion.

    ** I think the solution is this: Simply rip the same scenes that are in the official trailer from any movie source i.e. 1080p mp4. Put them together in FCP or even iMovie for that matter. Then I end up with the same trailer minus the music. Add my own music after that in Logic. Simple right?

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    You guessed right. The dialog is mixed with the music. The center cannel does have most of the dialog but it also has some music and FX.

    If this is for a demo of your talents whoever is listening to it does not want to hear anything over your work. So just make sure ALL of the audio is your own original work and nothing from the hollywood release it mixed in.

    If you must have dialog (why?) then use voice actors
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    Why would I need voice actors? I have the original dialogue from the original 1080p movies. My demo reel isn't for dialogue editing. It's for score and SFX sound design. I do want to keep the dialogue for effect though. So what I've done is chosen to delete the audio track from the 1080p official trailers in Logic , rip the needed dialogue from the original 1080p movies in QT and then mix my own score/SFX to the trailer. Seems to be the most painless method.

    ChrisA> Could you please participate in my new thread too? Thank you.


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