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    I am scratching my head to see if this is possible.
    We are family of 4 with iOS devices (iphones and ipads).

    Since I was the first one to get an iOS device and not knowing much about icloud etc, I created an e-mail account which is also my iTunes store account. Everyone is using that account on their respective iOS device - we use only 1 account for purchases that way we do not have to re-buy things that we all like. Everyone also has it own iTunes account for things like facetime, imessage, etc
    So things look like this -email, icloud, imessage etc -email, icloud, imessage etc -email, icloud, imessage etc -email, icloud, imessage, iTunes account purchases.

    I would like to separate iTunes account and my e-mail into two separate accounts, that way, I could share the password for the iTunes account and everyone could use it to buy things. Is that possible and if it is, how?

    I would like to have the following setup -email, icloud, imessage etc -email, icloud, imessage etc -email, icloud, imessage etc -email, icloud, imessage, etc - iTunes account only - everyone is sharing, everyone knows the password.

    I am assuming I could just simply add a new e-mail account to the iTunes account that we use for purchases, convert everyone to it, but what I am concerned about is how to dis-associate my e-mail account - will I loose it when I remove it from the iTunes account?

    Thank you for any info
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    You can create a family email address to use with your iTunes purchases, and continue to use your own emails on each device.
    That's what we do as a family. The only issue is changing your iTunes purchasing account to another iCloud one. I think you have to use a different domain. For example we use out @virgin email address provided by our ISP.
  3. Alrescha macrumors 68020

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    The problem is that these aren't email addresses, they are AppleIDs that look like email addresses. They may or may not have an email address with the same name.

    This becomes important because your iTunes account (AppleID) owns your purchases, and they can't be moved to a new AppleID. If you had started with '' you'd be good to go, but as it is all your purchases are tied to ''.

  4. caesarp macrumors 6502a

    Sep 30, 2012

    Yes. This is what I do for my family. We all share one itunes account but have personal icloud accounts.

    I use one email addresss for itunes. I use separate personal apple Ids for icloud. Each family member uses their personal email for both icloud and also FaceTime and iMessage.

    You just need to change your current itunes primary email addresss. You can use outlook or gmail or verizon. Whatever ISP u have. Usually you can have many aliases for the same ISP email. No need to use icloud email.

    But if u need to keep your current email you could add it as a alternate email to your icloud email account. Don't add it to itunes account if u want to use it with iMessage and FaceTime.

    So change your itunes email. But then add your current email as an alternate to your icloud account email.

    I would get off the icloud email domain and either use a free web mail account for email or your ISP email. U dont have comcast or verizon?
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    My wife and I have different email address and out iTunes account is tied to an account.

    You just sign in to iCloud services with a personal email. on your phone on your wife's

    This will enable your personal iCloud services and backups.

    Then go to iTunes and App Store and sign in to and have your credit card(s) tied to this account.
    All other phones you sign in to this account only under iTunes and App Store.

    This will share all app and store purchases with each phone.
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    My only concern is that when I log in to my Apple ID on the web, I see my Apple ID and Primary Email address to be non (which is what I want to keep), but then also, under alternate email addresses, I see my email account which I want to keep for my emails etc.

    I am afraid that when I click delete next to my account, it will completely destroy that account, instead of deleting an association.

    Does anyone have any experience with that?

    Thank you
  7. caesarp, Sep 23, 2013
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    caesarp macrumors 6502a

    Sep 30, 2012
    Add the email address as an alternative address to another apple ID (like the one that you use just for icloud services). Or simply create a brand new apple ID and make the address primary on that one, but with a different password.

    Now go back into the original apple ID and delete the alternative address there. Note that until you delete the address from the 1st account, it may not let you verify the address on the 2d account. But it can be there unverified.

    I recently did something similar, although I don't use for email. I changed the name of the primary email address associated with my itunes app store purchases. I then added the original primary email address (that I removed from the itunes/app store account) as an alternative address to the email address I already had associated with icloud services. That way I could continue to use that email for facetime and imessage.

    Since what you now have (that you want to change) is an alternative address anyway, I don't think it will be a problem. Just do it.

    Oh, and by the way, it looks like you can't delete an icloud email account from Apple's servers anyway. So by removing it as an alternative address, the account still exists. So you can remove it and add it as you please to apple IDs. See this thread:

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