Seperate iTunes video and music library locations?


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Feb 6, 2006
Is there any way (within iTunes or using some sort of aliasing) that I can store my iTunes music and video contend on different drives? In warehousing movies for streaming to AppleTV, I am going to go way over a terabyte of data and separating the libraries seems the best policy.

Before someone barks, I own all of the DVDs and CDs that I have ripped.


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Jun 2, 2006
washington dc
If you want them all in the same library but in different locations you can do that too. Just have one library set up as your "default" location (this will be the location where iTunes automatically adds new content). Then for your second drive location, put the content you want there manually and then add it to iTunes by dragging it while holding the OPTION key. This will keep iTunes from making a copy in your default location.