Seperate power and data connection?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Pikachu4170, Jul 18, 2014.

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    Jun 24, 2013
    My iPhone can only charge at 5.2 volts 2.4 amps (It's a battery problem and I'm sending it to be repaired in a few days). I need a way to connect it to the same power rate while I can manage to back up the data from it (It can't charge and recognize when it's plugged in a computer unless the same power rate is applied). I need a response quickly!
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    I'm a little confused by this so I apologize if my comments are of no help.

    It sounds like you just need it powered on and not actually charging the battery. An iPad charger supplies 2.1 amps so I'm not sure how you're getting 2.4 into it (third party power supply?). If you can power it away from a PC could you just back it up to iCloud? Does turning the screen off reduce the power requirements enough to where a high power USB port on the PC will suffice?

    You didn't mention which phone you have, but the 30 pin cable pinout is well documented and I don't know if you could supply more juice from a power supply on the appropriate wires (cut and isolated from the usb port) and maintain a data connection.
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    Jun 24, 2013
    Fine, I'll tell the truth. I have an iPhone 4 that I used for about a year or two. It was water damaged and I managed to dry it out. Next morning it was plugged in to the usual 5 volts and it didn't work until I plugged in a 12 watt iPad charger and managed to turn on. The touch screen won't respond, CMOS battery corrupts, and battery goes out of control. I wanted to make it connect to the 12 watt supply seperately while still able to sync with my computer. But recently, I discovered that it goes "Terminal 7" after 3-4 minutes of plugging in (Screen dissolves like it's melting horizontally and shuts off and then turns on again. It might be the defective battery's problem) so I'm not sure if backup is possible.

    Also, I think iCloud's free 5GB storage isn't right for me. It's kind of a chore which content will stay or go and still manage to prevent it from filling up. There is ways to increase the storage space, but I have to pay an annual fee. I just usually back up my content from my computer, but the last time I backed up was about a few months and I'm not sure it's still OK to use something that has month-old things. After the common water damage experience and managing to get myself a 4S (My carrier managed to give me a replacement in new condition for about $150, but I was forced to send in my damaged 4 and I have a 10-day deadline for it. The only problem, I'm not sure what they are going to do with it and I'm afraid of them destroying the old 4.), I forced myself to start using iCloud's backup system.

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