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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by cr2sh, Jul 12, 2007.

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    Sorry if this has been pointed out already.. but I was on the EDU store and noticed that Apple has two EDU promos running right now.

    Buy any mac and get a discount on EDU Adobe CS3. For example, if I bought a mac and EDU CS3 Web Premuim, the price of the CS3 software would be $299, not the $499 other places are charging. That's a $200 savings.

    Not only that, but back to school purchasers are eligible to receive a $200 rebate for a free ipod nano with their purchase of a new mac.

    From the site:

    The kicker... both of these deals end September 16th...

    So yeh. That's two months away... and it's a good deal. And I really doubt Apple is going to push out NEW mac pros before this deal ends... or am I wrong? How many of us can let this deal pass by... wait another two months... just to roll the dice and see what we get? If we get anything right away at all. I'm not sure I can wait two or three months for a new mac pro.

    The only real question I have is... IF I buy in, get CS3 web premuim from Apple... can I upgrade down the road and get the full blown master's collection? And what will it cost me if I do?
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    It's hard to say when new Mac Pro's will be coming out. Most people on this board would say next month, as there is an Intel price cut on chips at the end of this month. I'm of the opinion that the 8-core Mac Pro in April was an update and that we won't see an update until October or later. I believe this, because I don't see Apple updating the Mac Pro until the new Intel chipset for the motherboard is available, which is supposed to be available sometime in the second half of 2007 (my guess is it will be available for the 4Q of 2007 or the 1Q of 2008). This way Apple will release a new Mac Pro, with a new motherboard, new video card, new MacOS (Leopard) and other options (maybe a blu-ray optical drive option, new high-end video card options, etc.).
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    according to some of the regs on here , it could be anytime between now and the next year

    my advice is - life's too short to wait

    the current mac pro - apart from a mediocre ( on gaming - and who pays games on a mac ? ) video card option , is a stunning bit of kit

    the other day i was a bit depressed with the thing , until i realised the energy saver thing was on , for some mad reason they put it on at the factory and the bloomin thing was grinding to a halt every fifteen minutes . now it's like streaked lightnin' !

    i don't really see how much faster they can go !! ?!

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