Serial number or phone number?

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    So. Decided to switch from Sprint 4s to Verizon 5. Before I made the big jump wanted to try out the coverage in my weekend very rural area. The Verizon guy said simple; I'll give you the 5 with a new number, and then if you want to keep it, we'll just port your Sprint number over to the phone. I'll be trying it out this weekend. I've restored the new phone from my old backups, re-added apps, etc. What will happen when the new number is ported to this phone, since it's identified on iTunes by the serial number AND the phone number? Will I have to restore again after the phone gets a new number, and go through the setup again?
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    I don't think you have to worry. iTunes just reports your phone number, it doesn't actually use it. And the porting of your number will be connected to the IMEI I believe.

    As an example…I was given my sister's old iPhone 3GS a while back. I'm not on AT&T so I used this phone for VOIP calls. I changed the phone number in Settings>Phone to my Google Voice Number. iTunes reports it as my Google Voice number any time I connect it instead of the old number it had when it was removed from service.

    Hope that helps.

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