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Feb 27, 2006
Ever since updating to WatchOS 6 a few weeks ago, the screen of my Series 2 blinks/flashes for a split-second before the display turns and stays on. (In other words, it will light up for a moment, go dark, then light up again.)

Anyone else experiencing this issue? I'm hoping it's just a software glitch that will be fixed with the next update, but worry that it might be a hardware issue indicating the screen might be dying.

Otherwise, though, the watch performs just fine.

EDIT: I'm on the latest version of WatchOS (6.1.1), and rebooting the watch hasn't resolved the issue
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Sep 9, 2017
Yeah, 6.1.1

I haven't tried unpairing and re-pairing. That seems to be the logical next step. I'll give that a shot.
That’s the last piece of advice I can think of. After that I’d say just wait for the next update and hope that fixes it.
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