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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by eternlgladiator, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Hey Everyone! I was curious what you experience been like with the battery life on the series 3 watches. I've had my LTE Nike+ 42MM since November and have been consistently getting 60 hours of battery life with it. My wife recently picked up a 38MM series 3 and her experience so far has been dramatically different. She's dropping 60% in a full day. I want to explore some of the complications and settings she has turned on but I can't explain this away based soley on the battery size difference alone.

    Do any of you have thoughts on this very big difference in real world use?
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    your wife is getting more than the 18hrs advertised and you think there’s something wrong? Lol.

    Short answer: 38mm = smaller batter.

    Possible answer: she checks her time too much during the day (insert sarcasm)
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    Depending on what she is doing during the day, 60% battery usage is not necessarily extreme.
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    Does she exercise with it using the Workout app (with Power Saving Mode off in the Workout settings)? Or is she using any other app to track her heart rate constantly for periods of time? This causes the biggest battery drain in my experience.

    As others have said, the 38mm does have a smaller battery. I have a 42mm Series 3 and have great battery life like you.
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    I need to do some more looking. She's been out of town with it since the day she got it. I'm thinking there are a few things I an turn off or turn down to help increase battery life. Based on my experience I still feel confident in saying she should be getting a comfortable two days battery life.
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    Nov 30, 2013

    I get similar usage to your wife... I get 36 full hours (even sleeping with it on)
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    My wife has a Series 3 (GPS model) 38mm, and it’s on at 6:30 am and at night it still has anywhere between 66% and 73% battery left. Now she’s not a heavy user, but with her Series 0 it would go to power reserve every day around 3:30. Apple determined something was wrong with the unit, but the Series 3 is getting better battery life. My Nike+ Series 3 LTE model has around 63% when I go to bed. I will run every other day if I can, streaming music to my AirPods and sometimes on cellular while at work. Power management is a lot better in the Series 3 mode regardless of battery size.
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    I've got a 38MM AW3 LTE. I don't use many apps on the phone, other than the occasional workout. I usually take it off the charger at 7:00 AM and by about 9:00 PM the battery is somewhere between 70-75% on most days.

    I do find that it varies, though. Some days it will randomly drain faster (although I've never had to go into power reserve mode) and other days I can go the whole day and still be at 90%.

    EDIT: I should add that I've got my phone nearby 99% of the time, so the watch spends very little time on LTE.

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