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Apr 7, 2012
Maybe it is just me, and maybe it is the newness talking, but I am pretty amazed how much better the watch experience is with this new larger display. Notifications and whatever is on the display really just seems to pop out at your more. Really enjoying the extra space and interacting with the watch is much improved.

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Jun 27, 2007
My 44 still isn't here, but just looking at my wife's 40mm it's already better than my 42mm. I can't even imagine what the 44mm is going to be like in person. Part of me wants to go to a store to look at it, but part of me just wants to wait and experience it on my wrist for the first time. My #1 complaint with my Series 0 over the years has been speed, but my #2 complaint is interaction/usability, and this looks to go a long way towards solving that.

That being said, my wrist is big enough that if they wanted to redesign in a few more years and push the display even more to the absolute edge and introduce a third "max" version at 48mm, I would be all over that. I love the idea of a more fully functional wrist computer. I think the really long-term goal for Apple (decades) is an Apple Watch-like wearable that transmits a display signal wirelessly to regular looking glasses or even contact lenses powered by the body's natural electric field to produce augmented reality overlays and information right in your line of sight. Just not sure how they would do the contact lens thing without a camera/depth sensor array somewhere on your face, but to be honest the contact thing is already super advanced and in the far future so who knows. But something like that could potentially kill the iPhone if anything in your field of vision could become a multitouch display.


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Jun 30, 2007
I bought the new micro mini Series 4 5' Apple Watch. About to unbox it.



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Jul 25, 2012
Do you think I am crazy? Actually i find 44mm is too small for me, i rather to have the size big as 60mm, you know I'm so used to this watch Master of G (G-Shock).

I’m trying to get used this size 44mm I find bit odd daily.
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Apr 11, 2013
Washington D.C.
Normal watch I wear on occasion is around 46mm, so while I found the apple sizes fit OK, seeing an upgrade to 44mm makes it seem more adequate especially for smart watch display, imho. It's certainly nice to have the option, and with the 40mm not having a smaller display than either of the previous models, it's a very nice transition for most, I'd assume. Good changes all around!


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Nov 30, 2012
I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of extra real estate as well. I work in a secure area that requires locking up my phone and watch, so I always put them in airplane mode. That means I'm always having to use the number pad on the watch to unlock it. The number buttons are considerably larger with my new Series 4, so I can hit the numbers more reliably.
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