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Benjamin Iveagh

macrumors newbie
Original poster
Jul 4, 2018
Boston, MA
I have an AW Series 4 (GPS+Cellular) and Cellular has always worked great. After upgrading to WatchOS9, Cellular now shows no service. My watch still knows it has an active TMobile plan, but I get the red X for no service. I always got this when I went out of range of my iPhone, but after about 15 seconds and the cellular modem turns on, cellular service would establish successfully. Now, it just stays as no service. Anyone else see this?


macrumors regular
Apr 14, 2020
I actually just bought my first cellular, a refurb S7. It seems like every time I leave my phone, I get the red x and it doesn’t kick over to cellular unless I manually toggle it off and back on.
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