SERIOUS 10.5.2 external display/performance issue, help please

Discussion in 'macOS' started by smearedblue, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Mar 7, 2005
    i'm on a 2.4ghz mbp santa rosa.. i installed 10.5.2 the night that it came out, the way that I always do, with my 30 inch cinema display as the main screen, and my external HD connected.

    I immediately ran into some problems when the install hung for 30 minutes after a reboot.. Then I noticed it wouldn't reboot at all, it wouldn't even make it to the apple logo, just the white screen before that. So, I unattached everything, and nothing.. so I reset the pram.. and then i get it to boot..

    does a bunch of funky color profile switches once it boots.. i know it switches sometimes, but this wasn't normal, it changed about 5 times..

    everything seemed to be copacetic so i hooked up my external HD, that went fine, and then i plugged in my cinema display.. when I did that, it didn't really like it, there was no way to change the brightness on the laptop screen, and the brightness on the cinema would only react to the physical buttons on the side, no other method (keyboard, software).. so, I decided to restart...

    bad idea, again it would freeze at the white screen, until I reset the pram, and unhooked everything... I went through the same steps and was happy to see the graphics update when I got back in,... so I installed that.. and this is where i'm at now.. I still can't reboot without going through all this crap.. and I've noticed that my system is MUCH slower... expose barely works if i have 10 windows open.. when usually I have like 20 or 30 and it's fine.. the dock takes longer to pop up.. basically everything is slower, and safari is horrible.. i haven't successfully closed it once yet.. it crashes all the time.. so that's where apple has left me.. with a system that doesn't boot unless I unplug everything, and reset the power management..

    ohh.. also I just noticed that in system profiler, under graphics displays.. where it says display connector.. it says No display connected... when there most certainly is as I'm typing this on it right now.. does anyone else see this?? does display connector mean something else.. i can't imagine it does...

    also, I was told by two apple geniuses that they would fix a bug with leopard for sure.. and of course it isn't fixed.. you can see it if you want.. any laptop i think.. go to displays in sys prefs, and try to calibrate your display, click expert mode.. there isn't even a slider nob on the second panel, and if you click in the box to position said nonexistent knob, it throws it way off.. so basically there's no more expert calibration.. which isn't even really that expert in the first place..

    apple never used to pull crap like this.. these are basic system necessities. The type of thing I'm used to "just working" from them. I hope they didn't bite off too much. I'd rather them continue their quality work and not spread themselves thin than capture another 2% of the pc market.

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  2. smearedblue thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 7, 2005
    also, WTF is pubsubagent, and why the hell does it keep unexpectedly quitting.. does that have to do with my performance issues.. ??????
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    Oct 13, 2006
    Hey there.. it seems like you are having some pretty severe problems, but there is already an ongoing thread for part of your problem, so maybe try what people are saying in here and see if that does anything:

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