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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by niter, Jul 24, 2014.

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    I could use some serious back up advice. Primarily, is a time capsule/time machine combo the way to go? I have two computers (iMac and MacBook) and various portable "i" devices. Everything is just out of control it seems and needs backups. The old way of backing up is not acceptable with photos as making multiple copies of my iPhoto library is very redundant. It is getting to the point that I cannot even really USE my MacBook. While in the past I was very savy with computers (and still have the capacity to learn) I'm in that young family stage with limited (zero), I want something simple and straightforward.

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    use Carbon Copy Cloner

    I've used Carbon Copy Cloner and it works great for me. I had to restore my boot drive and it worked as expected.
  3. aristobrat, Jul 24, 2014
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    I prefer Time Machine for the underlined reason below:

    When a Time Machine backup runs, it only backs up new or changed files. So it's not like it's literally making multiple copies of your entire iPhoto library each time -- just the new photos that you add to it (or change in it).

    Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper! are great, but when you use them to literally just clone your Mac's HDD, those backups they don't let you go back in time (past the last backup).

    For example, if your routine is to create a new CCC/SuperDuper! clone of your Mac's HDD each week, if you figured out that you accidentally deleted a file several months ago, your last CCC/SuperDuper! backup would only have files from up to a week ago.

    Personally, I use Time Machine (over the network) on all of the Macs in my house. Doing a full system restore from Time Machine over the network is possible, but slow. It's been great for retrieving individual files/folders though. If I'm going to do a full system restore (i.e. I just bought a new Mac and want to restore a backup from my old Mac onto it), then I'll use CCC/SuperDuper! just for that one backup/restore.
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    The great thing about a clone of OS X is that one can boot from that external! This will help greatly if you have a hard drive crash and replacement.

    Time Machine is great to get back older copies on applications/files you accentually delete or bad update them.

    A best backup is to have one clone, one Time Machine and one offsite online backup (if you have good hi-fi speed with no bandwidth limits). If you don't have reliable bandwidth then consider 2 clones with one clone going to safety deposit box (in another town) once a week brought back for another clone. :rolleyes:
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    Apparently you do not understand CCC achieve changed files settings.
    It is all about how you set CCC to handle your backups in regards to archiving modified or changed files.
    You can have it set so you can retrieve a version of a file from "X" days ago.
    As the old saying goes...
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    Apparently I didn't. So it takes changed/deleted files and dumps them all into a folder called "_CCC Archives" at the root level of the destination drive... Thanks for pointing that out.

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