Serious Extensions Conflict--Please help

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by mccldwll, Mar 23, 2006.

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    Jan 26, 2006
    I posted a few days ago about B&W G3, 9.2.2 freezing when checking "Devices and Volumes" under System Profiler. Messed around w/ extensions and could get it working, but then couldn't get Old HP Deskwriter C (slow but solid) printer to work (w/ Keyspan serial card)which had worked before. Altered extensions settings in attempt to resolve, and now it's totally screwed up--machine freezes immediately after startup. Same result if bold down space bar on startup. If hold shift on startup, end up w/ blank bright blue screen. QUESTION: How can I get to extensions manager to revert to Base or All 9.2.2 settings?

    Another clue--running a 17" crt studio display which has drivers. Have considered hooking up to a plug and play monitor which may not have driver issues, but thought I would first ask for help.

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    If it is locking up even when you hold down the shift key through the starteup process, you have damaged something else in the OS, it isn't just an Extension problem...
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    This could be a hardware problem - when I bought my G3 iMac back in '98, I got a really cheap USB hub to use with it. The hub had issues, and to make matters worse I plugged my keyboard/mouse into it, which is a no-no. I ended up having to zap the PRAM and do a clean install (there were several other problems going on simultaneously there :eek: )

    It's definitely not just an extensions conflict in your case, otherwise you could boot without extensions. Try removing ALL peripherals and booting without extensions. Do you have any PCI cards in there? you might try removing those. I'm just guessing on this last one but I wonder if some flaky memory could be at fault? (simple to test).
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    Somebody else wrote about this the other day.

    Remove all external hardware devices, and then reboot. Even if the extensions arn't loaded, sometimes a bad device or cable can cause things to freeze.

    When I was a 9 noob, I screwed arond with ResEdit just a little too much. The machine froze constently, and I had to reinstall OS 9. Are you a ResEdit user?

    [Pardon me Lord Blackadder, I didn't see you post- as you suggested what I did.]
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    Jan 26, 2006

    I switched to a plug and play monitor which allowed me to get into extensions manager with extensions disabled--something was conflicting with studio display. Noodled around with extensions and finally determined hp background printing and hp print monitor had conflict which was causing freeze. Turned of background print and things work, though haven't had print monitor come up yet so that may be the real corruption. Need to find a part color doc. Are there any known conflicts in this area? BTW, I'm hanging onto 9.2.2 on that computer because actually find it more stable on some sites. Have 10.1.5 on another machine, and going to new intel system soon.

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