Serious issue with iTunes 9.2 and iOS4

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by racketeer71, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Jan 15, 2010
    So, my computer is always up-to-date. I run Software Update manually a few times every week.

    iOS 4 is released today. I click the "Check for Update" button, and it says an update is available for my 16GB iPhone 3G. Fine, I click "Download and install".

    It takes a while.

    Finally, the phone reboots. It shows the "Connect to iTunes" screen with a USB-cable pointing to iTunes.

    BUT! Then my iTunes says "Your iTunes is out of date. 9.2 is required". I thought I already had 9.2 (via Software Update a while ago), but goes to check "About iTunes" and it says 9.1.1.

    Hmmm, I click "Software Update" and it checks for updates, and says "None available".

    Hmmm, I go download iTunes 9.2 from Apple, and installs it. The install completes without errors. After install, it automatically launches iTunes, where I get the same error "Your iTunes is out of date. 9.2 is required".

    I check the "About iTunes", and it still shows 9.1.1 as version.

    What to do? How can I tell my computer it has 9.2, after it apparantly has been installed?

    I'm not using jailbreak. I am using (but has quit before updating).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently my phone is useless.

    EDIT: Added screenshots showing succesful install, but still old version in iTunes.

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    Jan 15, 2010
    Just wanted to add:

    If I right-click iTunes in Applications and select "Show Packages Contains" and then open the .plist files, I get the following (see screenshot).

    So apparantly it reports 9.2 all over, except in the "About iTunes" box, which apparantly is the most crucial point.

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