SERIOUS issues downloading/installing Mavericks... Help?!

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by rye9, Oct 23, 2013.

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    I was downloading yesterday for about 5 hours, and had about 1GB left. Went to resume the download this morning... and it caused a 'memory leak' it might be called? All my RAM shot down (I watched it get sucked away in activity monitor; no apps open, even closed "App Store").

    Restarted, opened only the app store, hit "resume" on the download... and again, memory leak... all my RAM got sucked out within a minute, with no clear culprit in activity monitor (no one app was using it, it just went away)...

    I can't download mavericks without bricking my computer? =/

    Apple has unfortunately lost my love... my computer was bricked while installing ML from Lion. And when I upgrading my 4S to the 5S, there was issues with the iCloud restore. When I hopped on the Apple train, their motto was "It just works". And for years it did for me... looking at the last 2 years I have a near 0% success ratio with them :(... curse my luck.


    But please though, any help to solve this?! Thank you guys
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    There is nothing about a Mavs DL or Mountain Lion install that should cause these issues. It sounds like maybe you have a hardware issue going on.

    Try a command-r boot to recovery and do a Disk Repair. Also try running the Apple Hardware Test to see what that turns up.

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