Serious Question - Can Apple give users an app to play Flash Based Vector Animation?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Piggie, Jul 24, 2010.

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Please, can we talk about this sensibly and leave any "I hate Flash as it runs bad on my Mac" comments out of this thread. :)

    Right, let's say that word LOUDLY and get it out into the open 'FLASH' ! :D

    Please also keep a level head and not get excited over it and look at things from a 'lets all be able to enjoy others creative content' point of view.

    Flash from Macromedia was/is a great cross platform way to put together some superb and very creative vector based media for display on many different machines via the internet (within web pages.)

    It just so happen that over a few years it became a popular, some may say standard format across the internet for video playback.

    The video playback side of things had been argued to death now, yes, there appears to be issues which I'm not going over again with Apple, Adobe and access for Graphics acceleration which I don't expect many of us actually know to real truth about. If it can run fine on a lowish spec PC then it should run like silk on a similarly spec Mac. But we've done this video thing to death, we don't know the truth, and it looks like the video argument is done and dusted now, especially as we can play most YouTube and many other clips.

    So I'd like to try and direct this thread towards what Macromedia Flash was arguably originally intended for. Creative vector based content/animation.

    I think it would be a very sad day to lose many great things that have been created in Flash (vector animation)

    Note: Again, not talking about Video and also, let's even out aside things built into web pages.

    What I would love to see (and I don't understand why anyone else would not wish to see) would be an App, either by Apple or even Adobe, that (like the YouTube app) would search and run Flash Vector Animations.

    The app can be properly coded specifically to do this one job right, using all the programmer skills to allow the Vector Code access to the graphics hardware in the device (in this case the iPad)

    As it's would be a stand alone app, it can be run, in a secure bubble, so to speak, so there would be no security issues, which have been put forward as one reason not to allow Flash code to run.

    Just have an App that's sole job is to run (given a direct link) Flash Vector Animations.

    No one has to download it, it will never interfere with anyone's web browsing experience, it will not affect normal battery life. It will be written specifically to do this one job for those who wish to enjoy or be entertained by the creative skills of people who have put together items for everyone in the world to enjoy.

    We have got other means to watch Video now, so even classic videos from long ago will not be lost to others to enjoy in the future.

    How about we have a App to allow the same for the many vector graphics based creations that have been put together so these won't be lost for people to enjoy in the future.

    Just some examples of the type of thing I feel would be a shame to be lost in the future if no-one creates a player that can display the original code.

    Yes, I know with some things you can video the code, but that's like a photo of an original oil painting. vs Animation/Animator-vs-Animation.swf

    Just my thoughts as I feel it's sad to lose content and block others from seeing others creations and if we could work around it.

    If all of the above could be ported to HTML5 also, then again, I'd of course be just as happy as the content would be preserved.

    I hope there are others out there who would agree it would be a bad thing to lose peoples creations, although I've also sadly no doubt that other with hate it and disagree just for the sake of it. Which I'd hope we can rise above.

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