Serious Sync Problems (address book)

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    I am having real trouble syncing my iPhone with my mac.

    Firstly i updated about 30 apps and it took like 4 syncs to transfer them over as it was doing them all at once, and the last few I had to download on my iPhone as they went syncing over at all.

    Now none of my new address book contacts are syncing either, I have the option selected to sync address book contacts and have selected 'all contacts.'

    But it still refuses to sync anything new I add, I am at a loss of what to do. Any idea?

    Just tried to sync a 'test' number to my iPhone and that hasn't worked either - so it doesn't sync either way now...

    Okay scrap what I said before, played around with the settings but I have now got contacts...on this mac and iCloud. So how do I get the iCloud ones to merge with the mac ones?
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    I don't have a Mac, but I would guess you will end up with two lists of contacts that show up as double entries on your iDevice. Somewhere (I found it once) when the Contacts app is open, there's an option in Contacts to pick which list of contacts is visible.

    However, I really, REALLY recommend just using iCloud contacts (and calendar and email) - it eliminates all kinds of problems.

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