Serious Wifi problems with iPhone 6S, iPad and Mac

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hagar, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. hagar, Jan 11, 2016
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    Ever since upgrading my Apple devices to the latest public iOS and OS X versions, I have massive Wifi issues. Some examples:
    - I was in bar with a friend, and her Samsung had full reception on the free Wifi, while my iPhone 6S could not even SEE the wifi network. Actually, it happens all the time that my iPhone does not see any available Wifi networks, or takes over 2 minutes to scan.
    - my Macbook Pro connects to the wrong Wifi network all the time. It doesn't respect the order of available Wifi networks as set in Preferences
    - My iPad Air regularly is unable to download stuff while being connect with 2 out of 3 bars reception.
    - Both my iPhone 6S and Macbook Pro are regularly unable to connect to my Time Capsule at home. On both devices the Wifi icon (in the menu bar / settings app) keeps indicating they are trying to connect. Resetting the Time Capsule (which has all the default settings) does not work
    - ...

    I can't believe these are all hardware failures. The irony is that Apple pushes its devices as being wireless (omitting all cables and ports), but seems to be unable to get its Wifi settings sorted out.

    Should I wait for new OS updates, or get all of them serviced anyway?
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    Got to be something with your three devices which is hard to believe. My iPads, MBPro and iMac be very have any wifi problems. Good luck.
  3. HEK, Jan 12, 2016
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    Highly unlikely all three devices have hardware failure at same time. My wifi working great with iOS OS X updates. Not a hiccup, faster than ever. Two iPhone 6s+, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, MacBook Pro, Apple TV, all working and connecting just great to at home AirPort Extreme ac MIMO network and to outside wifi networks. Even doing AT&T wifi calling over network at home. So based on my results Apple did get the wifi settings sorted out. And what device has eliminated all cables and ports?

    So it can't be a system wide Apple problem. Have you tried resetting network in settings of each device? Reset network on each device and re-enter your home wifi network. Sounds like some sort of hang up during software update. Perhaps you need a clean upload of software. These are computers, and who has not had issues with computers now and then. Hell my Comcast X1 consoles need to be rebooted every so often when they lock up for no reason clear to me.

    Never understand how people completely go to the Apple fail card, when their individual units have a problem. There should be millions complaining about it if it truelly was global in nature. Solve your issues, people here will help with suggestions, and you can always call or go to Apple Store. Moaning and groaning about Apple does nothing to solve your individual issue.

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