Seriously. How do you delete all photos?

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    I've been using iPhoto for years and to delete the photos from the iPhone there was a delete button that I would click and like magic the photos would delete off the phone. Now I have the terribly named Photos app (how useless is that app name when you are trying to find answers online?) and although I have checked the box saying "delete items after import" but it only deletes the most recent photos imported. I want ALL 1500 PHOTOS deleted. Where's the delete button?

    iOS 9, 10.10.5

    I know I am not the only person who's ran into this problem but like I said about Photos terrible name, searching online for answers about "Photos" is endless.
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    Is this not the correct forum to seek answers?
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    you have two choices

    1) go to iTunes and tell it to unsync photos from photos. this will delete all synced photos

    2) use image capture on os x. give it the location of your iPhone. select all pictures in your camera roll and
    click the delete button

    make sure you empty your recently deleted folder after you done deleting
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    I don't have iTunes syncing my photos.

    There isn't a delete button in image capture. Where there should be the delete button there is nothing and the Delete command is greyed out under Edit.

    The answer is that iCloud Photos on the phone has to be shut off for Image Capture to delete.

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