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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a question for everyone here. We have several mac mini servers (all of them talk to each other with one master server), currently all of them are running Mavericks, but not all of them are running the latest server app. We are going to be upgrading one of our machine to something a little more beefy. Now the newest computer I know will come with Yosemite.

    In order for it to work in our current server setup with replication, do I need to upgrade all of our other servers to Yosemite? Or just the master server, and not the replicas.

    Thank you for any help! Hopefully I phrased the question right.
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    You are talking about Open Directory right? It will either let your or it won't -- you will see a message in the beginning when you try setup that part.

    Any computer running Mavericks can run Yosemite (and yet-to-be-released El Capitan) so you can do a software upgrade on the older machines. Always be sure to backup before doing that kind of thing.

    The original operating system of the new Mac minis is Yosemite so I wouldn't recommend trying to downgrade to Mavericks.

    Since it is a new computer you should be able to call Apple Enterprise Support for the first 90-days free of charge and talk to them. If you buy AppleCare you can talk to them for 3 years, but don't hold me to that -- they don't sell Macs bundled with OS X Server anymore so you will have to talk that support branch for a definitive answer.

    UPDATE: Here is the answer ... although that is for an older version (10.9 to 10.8) it doesn't look like they allow that kind of thing.

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