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    I have a client who uses Amazon's S3 service for some web site data and she really likes it. In a couple weeks I am installing a server for her to share data around her office (she has four computers). All she really needs is a NAS system but her data is very important so it needs to be backed up off site. I discussed a tape backup solution with her, but she does not want to have to mess with that and frankly I don't want her messing with it either. So I was wondering if anyone has heard of a way to back up a linux, freenas, or freebsd server to S3. The operating system of the server is not set in stone and I am willing to work with any of the ones I listed above. So what do you folks suggest? Any comments or ideas would be most welcome.
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    rsync is the best utility for automated backups to a remote server.

    rsync also comes built in to Mac OS X and just about all Linux / Unix distributions.

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