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Jul 26, 2004
Montreal, QC
I currently own (er, rent) a domain name, where I run a blog and some other stuff which runs on my PHP engine. My current hosting plan doesn't allow MySQL, so it's kind of rudimentary, but I want to start getting into that kind of stuff. I get about 1000 hits a day, and since the domain comes up for renewal in January, I'm thinking of setting up my own headless server on my ADSL connection instead, with all the bells and whistles I can install. So I have a few questions about that.

First, should I run Tiger or go for a full-blown copy of Tiger Server? I know that Tiger can handle all that I need to do since I run a testing server on my MBP now, but I'm wondering how easy it'll be to administrate since I'll have to do all this from the command line. I can get a 10-client edition of Tiger Server with an educational discount for around $350.

Second, what kind of hardware should I get? I don't have a huge budget here, so I was thinking of getting a used G4 Mini. However, looking around on eBay I've seen Xserve G4s for around $600, so if I can get one of those with a copy of Panther Server or newer installed I might go for that instead.

Third, are there any guesses for the system requirements for Leopard Server? I don't want to buy a server now and find myself unable to upgrade should I choose to.

Finally, what should I do about security with the server? I don't expect major problems, but since I'll be using the same connection for basic web browsing as well it certainly bears thinking about. I was either going to set up wireless internet sharing so that I could use my MBP around the apartment, or hook it up to a wired/wireless router.

(And yes, I am allowed to run a web server on my connection, and I will start paying for a static IP when the time comes.)

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Jul 24, 2006
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Wellll... (avoiding an answer to the question) I don't know why you wouldn't want to just get a better hosting provider instead. It would be a lot cheaper, faster (ADSL = slow upload), more reliable, less of a hassle, less of a security concern. You could go somewhere like Bluehost (to name one of many) and get MySQL, PHP, dozens of gigs of space, dozens of gigs of bandwidth, the whole shebang for around $8/month, and it's already all set up and configured. Plus you get regular backups, tech support, and don't have to worry about hardware failures, power outages, etc.

Hell, $8/month is less than you'd pay for the electricity alone if you ran your own server. I guess I would just advise against running your own server unless you are looking to gain experience at it or something. A 24/7 service is a lot more responsibility than it seems like it would be at first.


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Dec 27, 2004
he beat me to it.

stay hosted... with a better host. unless you desire to waste money and time.,, etc all have mysql and more. they do all of the admin work, handle backups... and you have someone to bitch at if the server goes down (instead of people bitching at you).

and to address one of the issues you did ask about... it is 100% unneeded to run tiger server. regular tiger supports everything you can throw at it. server != server if you catch my meaning.


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Sep 3, 2006
However if you want to self host for the experince (yes it will be a experince expect to devote time and oney to server up keep)
no to the G4 mini, yes older Xserve, a server OS is highly recomended, a old panther copy would be fine for what your doing. if you do want a mini a intel one would be ok...