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    Sep 20, 2013

    I've been trying to setup remote access in our offices for a while now and can't for the life of me get it to work!

    The server is running internally on an iMac and works perfectly as a local server. Everyone in the office can access it, work on files etc We need to be able to access our files whilst off site, say when working from home.

    Our ISP is BT, we're running a BT Homehub 3 as our router. We have got 5 static IP's from BT and the iMac is setup with one of these.

    I can see the server when offsite but I simply get a "Welcome to Server" when I input the IP address into Safari. This gives me three options, Calendar, Change Password and Profile Manager. If, when either on or off site I go to finder and cmd + k and enter the IP, it can't find the server.

    File sharing is turned on, as is FTP which is set to share the entire file server. VPN is also configured to the iMac's IP.

    I really need to get this sorted, so if anyone can help point me in the right direction or guide me as to what I need to do, that would be great!

  2. Jexta macrumors member

    Apr 11, 2011
    You need to use the VPN to gain access to the LAN at your workplace.

    In Network Preferences, click the plus and add a new interface. Choose VPN from the drop down and fill out the requisite information.

    Then once you are offsite, choose to connect to the VPN and authenticate and you will have access to the local network at your office.
  3. lukerumbelow, Sep 20, 2013
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    Sep 20, 2013
    I've already setup VPN through the server app..? Do I need to do this too? Not a clue what half of the settings would be in the network preferences option.

    EDIT: Ignore that.. I've read what you've said again and understand it now!
  4. alexrmc92 macrumors regular

    Feb 7, 2013
    type this into safari

    vnc://<servers static ip address>
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    Apples Remote Desktop works great for me since I have Macs in multiple locations, I have 4 offices - 3 work locations and home and as long as I have an internet connection all of the computers I have configured show up in one spot.

    I can see all online and connect to any of them with a click or two.

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