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    Server Tool is the number one swiss knife, for admins and others, to test and debug server problems. It works as a frontend for oldschool telnet sessions. Telnet syntax to debug and solve problems with SMTP, IMAP and POP3 are more or less impossible to investigate on a small device or on the road. But with this tool it is easy, just fill in a few fields and it performs the Telnet session for you.

    Enter up to 6 company servers and test availability at any time with a simple click on a button. Test various email protocols easy.

    No additional fees, no subscriptions and no signups needed. Your phone connects directly to the servers.

    Telnet a single or a range of servers to test availability on ports of your choice.

    Test and verify login and retreive first mail. Perfect for debugging problems.

    Test availability, basic receipt of mails and also sending mail. See verbose error messages from the server.

    Test and verify login and retreiveal of mails. Verbose error messages.

    Currently available for iPhone in App Store. Special iPad version will be submitted soon.

    New version of Server Tool is on the way.
    New table design
    Added features

    More info about this tool:

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    Server Tool Updated

    Server Tool has been updated to version 1.02.

    Minor bugfixes
    Improved design.

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