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    Do I need to buy a server if I want to set up a Website? I mean by purchasing a server, will I still need web hosting? Will I be able to host my website at home then with my for example 1MB Connection? Might sound newbie but I'm new to this server and websites thingy.

    If I buy a file server instead, how can I share stuff over the internet and will I need a faster connection if I'm sharing it with for example 10 people downloading at one time?
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    Start easy with a web hosting company and consider a home based server at a later time.

    I usually recommend WestHost (cheap VPS) and SurpassHosting (good support)

    Many people around these parts use ASO
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    Excellent advice.

    Unless your website will require lots of server-side apps and/or storage, a remote host will work nicely, and many plans include lots of bandwidth and storage.

    Your upload bandwidth needs, should you host at home, depend enormously on what you're hosting. Also, many ISPs forbid you from hosting a business site on a residential plan.

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