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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by ignatj, Apr 26, 2011.

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    Apr 26, 2011
    I guess that working for Apple means you never have to say your sorry.

    First, I order an Ipad2 from the business desk at the Boulder store. I tell them that I cannot be there until Sunday after launch to pick it up. I drive the hour to pick it up on Sunday, only to learn that they sold it to someone else. Corporate told them that they could not hold it. I replied “Yes, Corporate told you, but not me. You're supposed to tell me.” Silence, I am assured that one will come in the mail. Eventually. It did.

    But it did not work properly. Then comes a saga of going to the “Genius Bar” so the geniuses at the Aspen Grove (Englewood) can advise me how to serve as Apple's quality assurance division. “Check this, reload that, upgrade this, all in an effort to keep the WiFi from dropping out. Three trips, one upgrade, two reloads. Nothing helped.

    Finally, today I arrive for my 2:30 appointment at 2:38. I am told by the grinning twenty something that I am late and must reschedule, still with a grin on his face. I begin to leave, note that by my watch (set to WWV) that is only now 2:40 and therefore I was not late. He says, still grinning, no the appointments are only ten minutes long and now my time is up. Now I am angry and showing it.

    I point out to him that there is nobody at the Genius Bar, he convinces me that we should check to see when the next appointment is. “Ah, the next one is in seven minutes.” I said I will take it. Go to the bar and wait. He comes up once again and asks for my name and email. As I am spitting it out to him, I ask if he as has ever heard the term “The customer is always right. He replies, “Yes, but in this case, you were wrong.”

    Six minutes later a bevy of geniuses emerge from the back room where they had been idle during all of this. Once comes up and allegedly takes care of the problem. We shall see.

    In all of this, except in the first time in Boulder, did any clerk, genius or supervisor say, “Sir, I am sorry for your trouble.” Not about the malfunctioning Ipad2, not about the repeated trips, not about the "your late", not about the service.

    Apple is headed for a well deserved fall. No corporation this arrogant will long prosper.
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    Jul 29, 2010
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    Interesting rant, but why did you post it in the iPad Apps forum?

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