Sesame Street Celebrates 45th Birthday

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    There will be better articles than this to come up this and next week, but this is the first one, so here you go.

    BTW: SS is 5 years older than me, so while I know this will make a lot of people feel old, most of us can't remember a time when SS was NOT on. They have some 5000 episodes made and are still going! Anywho, Enjoy.

    I never really appreciated PBS as a kid growing up as much as I do as a parent. But Happy Birthday, Sesame Street, and thanks for giving kids everywhere a place where it's always sunny full of friends we all know, and most importantly, COOKIES!!! :D

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    A great show, and an excellent example of US public service broadcasting at its very best. Happy birthday Sesame Street.
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    I grew up on Sesame Street (and a lot of other great PBS kids' shows). And yep, I watched it well into my teens. :D
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    For those of you too young to have memories of anything before 1969, there was a children's program called Captain Kangagroo, which began running in 1955 on CBS (and later re-run on PBS.) The series, which ran on CBS until 1984, combined comedy skits with nature lessons, story reading, animated segments, and puppet characters.

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    Sesame Street Celebrates 45th Birthday

    5,000... Wow. Hope they make it to 50 years. Seems like yesterday they were making a big deal about making it to 40.

    Celebrities have always been a big part of SS...

    PBS is great. I hope it continues to get funding.

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