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    Hey everyone.

    We have a remote user with acrobat 9 pro and acrobat x pro on their 10.6.8 mac pro. For graphics, they are using Quark 9 and find that acrobat 9 is a bit more user friendly for their day to day use.

    The issue we are having is acrobat x is set as the default for pdf's. I tried to right click on a pdf, go to get info, change it to open in acrobat 9 and then selected to change all... but the drop down for the open with menu immediately defaults back to acrobat x and pdf's continue to open in acrobat x. I also tried to go to Other in the drop down, navigate to acrobat 9 directly and set all pdf's to open using acrobat 9 from there as well - no dice.

    Any idea what would be causing this? I checked permissions of the pdf, acrobat 9 and acrobat x - the user had read/write to all.
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