Set DHCP Reservations w/ 2 routers to extend WiFi or counterproductive?

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    To understand mu question, it's important to know my setup, worked to make it easy to understand and read. I've searched for days to no avail, so thanks in advance for any help. BTW, I've been in telecommunications for years, a bit ironic. :)


    Main Router: 2013 6th Gen Airport Extreme Base Station
    Network Mode: Create Wireless Network
    Networks: 2.4GHz (Channel 6), 5GHz (Channel 161)
    Router Mode: DHCP and NAT
    Port Settings: TCP/UDP Ports for server
    IPv6: Enabled, Automatically, Tunnel

    Second Router: 2011 5th Gen Airport Extreme Base Station
    Network Mode: Extend a wireless network
    Wireless Network Name: Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands extended
    Router Mode: Off (Bridge Mode)
    IPv6 Incoming Connections are not blocked

    *All firmware updated, using Airport Utility 6.3 w/o any issues as some report


    The 2nd Base Station extends 2.4 and 5GHz networks. Normally w/ a one router WLAN I'd set DHCP reservations (keeps wireless devices from fighting over WLAN IP's). My current setup, wireless devices should connect to the router based on the best signal. The Mac's closest to the main router are getting transmits rates 300+ (surprising for N on an ac router). My Mac Pro5,1, near the second router upstairs is connected to the 5GHz band and gets low 200's intermittently, yet better than 2.4GHz.

    I'm thinking DHCP Reservations on a setup like this would be counter-intuitive as it would force wireless devices to one router instead of the device connecting to the router with the best signal.

    Thoughts? I would be in your debt! :)
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    Jan 8, 2009
    In case this makes a difference, these are the systems and devices on my network:

    OS X 10.9:
    - Current gen Mac Pro5,1
    - 2012 MacBook Air5,1 13"
    - 2011 iMac 27" Core i7
    OS X 10.8.5:
    - 2012 Mac Mini (RJ-45 CAT 6e to main router)

    Wireless Devices:
    - iPad 2 and 4
    - iPhone 4S and 5
    - iPad Mini
    - iPod Touch
    - HP Envy 110 Wireless Printer/Scanner
    - Samsung 55" LED
    - 5th Gen Airport Extreme Base Station - technically wireless

    - Synology DS211 Media Server directly connected to main router
    - Pioneer Elite AVR connected directly to main router
    - Samsung BD Smarthub directly to main router
    - Philips Hue Hub - connected via RJ-45 to 2nd router
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    DHCP is being handled by your first router no matter which router a device is using for its connection. Therefore, you can use DHCP reservations freely without that concern.
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    Jan 8, 2009
    Right, bridge mode negates it. If I set DHCP reservations for devices on the main router thus only connect to the main router, wouldn't this negate the device to use the second should it be a stronger connection?

    and thanks! :)
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    In my CCNA training they always stressed that in a small network only the router that is closet to the Network POP should do NAT. So you are correctly doing that and that is better than most people on the NET. :eek:

    The Network DHCP reservation should be used on NAS devices and other certain Network servers. This way you can always use the same internal private address. :apple:
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    Jan 8, 2009
    Exactly. Thanks much for your help, I was second guessing myself while trying to multitask work at home. I have static DHCP IP's for the servers, Mac Mini and Samsung BD Smarthub as they are plugged into the main router. Everything else is connecting based on location/signal. Since then, my Mac Pro is getting ~300Mb/s with -68 dBm to my 2nd router, the 2011 Airport Extreme upstairs. The 2011 iMac is screaming at 450 Mb/s to the new 2013 Extreme downstairs in my Media room.

    Thanks man, and everyone, really appreciate it and Happy Fourth! :)

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