Set of Earthquakes hit the Pacific

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    Instead of making separate threads on this, I'm going to combine them all here.

    The Age

    A pair of earthquakes struck this morning: a 7.8 roughly 180 miles northwest of Vanuatu (about 1400 miles NE of Sydney) with a 7.3 aftershock about 20 miles further northwest than the earthquake, as well as a 6.7 earthquake roughly 730 miles south of Manila. Tsunami watches and warnings issued for Vanuatu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Australia, and a few other archipelagos in the area. So far, nothing to note of in Australia (tsunami watch for there has since been cancelled).

    But apparently, Mother Earth must have eaten a nasty batch of beans over the past week..

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    That about sums it up. Hopefully there won't be to much devastation.

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