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    So around a month ago iTunes Match on my iPhone started acting really funny. It duplicated my entire library and wouldn't pick up on new songs that I matched or downloaded at all (my iMac at work and MBP at home work just fine). I tried every possible way of disabling Match, tried deleting all the songs, tried manually managing, syncing with my work iMac and re-syncing with my home to delete the library, etc;

    You name it, I've tried it and none of it's worked.

    Right now, my iPhone stays stuck at 1.03gb of music even though there's nothing on there. When I enable Match, even if I've logged out of my iTunes account, I get all the songs 'available' to me. If I say 'show only music on this device', I get the iTunes Match syncing progress screen when I load up the Music app.

    I tried to delete all music settings and content from my phone by going to Settings > Usage but it tells me there's No Data even though I can play music off my phone (existing left over stuff).

    If I try to delete these songs in iTunes, it works for a minute and then when I go back to Music, they all appear again. Worth noting is that they're all greyed out except for 5 songs.

    I've come to the conclusion the only way to fix this is to do a complete restore.

    The only question I have is, since each time I restore from a backup, it restores my corrupt music settings, can I set up my phone as "New" and get all of my old iMessages, app settings/data back?

    Or if I set up as new and Sync Apps, will it set the app up as brand new or will it give me my old settings back?

    Basically..I want to
    - Set up iPhone as brand new
    - Get all of my old app settings/chat logs/content and iMessages back

    - iTunes Match screwed up my Music app and it's unfixable (?).

    Frustrating !!! Thanks in advance!
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    fixed it.

    If anyone's having issues try this:

    1. Back up your iPhone to your computer, not iCloud
    2. Turn off iTunes Match in your phone
    3. Firmware restore
    4. Set up iPhone > Restore from iTunes

    Music.app should be empty now.

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