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    If this sort of question has already been posted here apologies.

    I want to set up a new email and therefore icloud account for my family. But on the icloud website for some unknown reason you can no longer create accounts..... I have my current @me address in my computer but the main reason for having 2(or more) is so I can link everyones iphone/iOS device to the family account and then everyone can have their own calendars as well....

    So my question is how do I set up additional accounts or should I log out on my ipod touch, create a new account, log out of that and log back in with mine....?

    Thanks for any help
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    you will need to create everyone their own iCloud account (if they already have an apple ID then just get them to sign into iCloud on an iOS5 device and turn on 'mail' to create an email)

    you would then use a shared calendar between all iCloud accounts.

    might be important to note that you can only set up 3 iCloud accounts per iOS 5 device.

    so if there is you, and 2 others, each would have their own apple ID/iCloud therefore they all have a separate email separate contacts and separate private calendars, you can then set up a shared calendar from an account and share that calendar with the other 2 people so you can all see it and edit it.

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