Set up new phone, where are my messages?

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    Have a 4S with iCloud enabled since day one. In settings, I have observed that everything in iCloud is ON (=everything should sync). I now reset my phone and set up as a new phone as the phone seemed sluggish for some reason. I get my mail and photos and all that. But messages is ZERO. How on earth are my messages not backed up on iCloud? Did I miss something?
    - Any way I can get them without restoring back to before I reset my phone?
    - If I reset my phone to what I had before, how can I make sure the messages are on iCloud, so that I can set it up as a new device again and get all messages?


    edit: Turned on Message for iCloud on my OS X, I get some of my conversations there. Not all. But some. So some converations are indeed on iCloud. Makes it even more weird that I get nothing on my phone
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    Its confusing but there is iCloud "sync" and iCloud "backup" among other iCloud things… Like Match, iTunes in the cloud, and some other services.

    The things you turned on would be the "sync" part, so add a contact here, it shows up there and there. Same with calendars and reminders and all that. There is no "messages sync"

    Messages would be contained in the iCloud "backup," and you would need to restore from the iCloud "backup" rather than set up the device as new.

    When you setup the device as new it pulled all the synced data, but didn't restore from a backup, so you lose some things like call history, messages, and saved game statuses among other things.

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