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  1. osxman1970 macrumors newbie

    Feb 24, 2011
    I using osx server 10.6 as an OD master and joined to 2008 AD via the plugin.

    All users have imported into WGM from AD. However, when I look at the home folder of a user account in WGM there are two entries:

    afp:// (windows users folder share)
    afp://host.domain/Users (OD)

    If I highlight a url the home url shows:

    Question, shouldn't the protocol be SMB for AD shares?

    On the iMac, logged in as Mike, there is a volume mounted on the desktop call users. If I go inside I can see all AD user accounts and access them. Is this correct?
    Also, why is the home folder URL an IP rather than a host name?

    Thanks in advance

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