Setting up 2 Time Capsules on 2 iMacs on same network

Discussion in 'iMac' started by jdm777, Dec 28, 2013.

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    Dec 28, 2013
    Hi all,

    I've spent hours researching this issue and cannot seem to find any solid answers. My parents have two offices in their house. Each office has one iMac, one MBP and one Time Capsule (802.11n). Everything is setup to use the same wireless network. My mom's office is considered the "main room" - the cable modem lives there, and her TC serves as the main router. My dad's office is located on the other side of their house and suffered from a weak signal which is one of the reasons they purchased a second TC - they wanted to use it to extend the wireless signal (the other reason is that they wanted to back up their computers separately because of their separate businesses).

    This week, my mom got a new MBP (with Maverick), and somehow in the setup process, something changed, and now the only TC that's being recognized is my mom's which is in the main office. My dad's TC is no longer being recognized, and his iMac is now backing up to my mom's TC instead of the one that's connected to his.

    Can anyone help instruct me on how to get their systems set up the way they're used to, with each parent's iMac backing up to their own TC? Or is it impossible due to equipment and software updates?
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    Have them call AppleCare, she has 90 days of free telephone support, now is when it should be used.
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    It sounds like they (parents) changed some settings on the existing machine. There is no way just swapping the main office iMac for a Macbook would cause the backup destination on the second iMac to change.

    Are you there so you can look it over? If you go to the iMac can you see the second TC in the Finder?

    The way this should be setup is with TC1 in normal DHCP and NAT mode in Airport Utility's Network tab. Then setup TC2 as an extended wireless network following the instructions fem Apple here.

    Once that is setup you will need to get the iMac logged back in to the second TC and pick that as the back destination.

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