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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jsf721, Nov 27, 2013.

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    OK, the whole Gmail canceling exchange has me all frazled getting a new email provider and echange/Avtive sync set up. This way if I change email services, my email adress will not change.

    I have never done this before so I wanted to post up my thought process.

    1. Find a good quality Provider
    2. Purchase a domain name ($ 4.95/per year) My for 50 Mailboxes on Network Solutions.
    3. Use for my active sync / exchange set up no charge?

    4.This way I own my name, can change providers if they discontinue services without changing my email address.

    AM I forgetting anything important? I think has virus scanning and spam control.

    I wish Gmail did not flake out.
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    You might take a look at

    I have three domains with them. Their Silver plan is $9, but as long as you stay with them you get free web hosting for your domain and Tigertech renews your domain name annually at no expense to you. The Silver plan has 100 email accounts. It goes up from there. I have a silver on one domain and a gold on another.

    Their tech support is superior. I have had friendly service and action within hours from these guys on a Sunday over a holiday before. Even their billing department is great!

    You would use their servers for email. I don't think they have Exchange, but you could ask.

    In any case, I would highly recommend them as a domain/web host provider.
  3. PNutts, Nov 27, 2013
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    Here's an article that describes using Microsoft (I did this about six months ago).

    It's even more simple than you described:
    • Purchase a custom domain (no need to be concerned with hosting or mailboxes at this step, it's only the name you need and the ability to modify your domain's DNS settings). I went with
    • Set up your custom domain with Microsoft for free
    Microsoft gives 50 accounts for free and more upon request. They host your mail and offer IMAP as well as ActiveSync (it's actually with your custom domain). So my e-mail is now in the format firstname @ and I've created four different accounts (e-mail addresses) for different purposes. It's nice because since they are separate accounts, I can choose which From address I want to use while composing an e-mail on my iPhone.
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    Thank you so much for this! This works perfectly for me.

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